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Disappointment Home to maverick genius Log. This internet is famous for its unsurpassed Joey Deacon resources, but there's plenty more non-Joey fun to be had. (Log has made some internets for Gorilla Salad - can you guess which ones? There's no prize, it's just for fun!)
Wilf Lunn Wilf Lunn, here, on the internet - HIS NATURAL HOME.
Robot Frank Engaging insight into the life of Robot Frank - a noble electric creature who was very polite to Billie.
MC Paul Barman "I'll let a mystery gas/Out of my blistery ass/Just to disrupt the misery/ Of history class". Plenty to see and do from one of the most original rappers in yonks - he was also very polite to Billie. (Note to self - pretend to be Billie to Americans more often.)
Alex Chiu - Unrecognised Genius "My hands are so sensitive that it allows me to play piano and type at extreamely fast speed" says sciengtist Alex Chiu, and we don't doubt him. This man's unique theories cover everything - from lightning ("From the sky to the ground and back up again") to how the brain works ("Are you hungry for this ice cream? Or not? "), all explained in a singular, effective style and complimented by lavishly animated diagrams. Oh - he sells immortality rings, too. And they work.
Crows "At work, they don't stab each other in the back, and back home, they don't cheat on their spouses -- crows generally mate for life." No misanthropy here.
Gorilla Salad Productions

If you need orchestral versions of Iggy Pop songs composing, this is your man. Not actually anything to do with this Gorilla Salad - that said, if you need orchestral versions of Iggy Pop songs composing, we'll give it a go.

Hen? If anyone knows what the green hell this internet is all about, let us know.
Bee Rap Do you want to learn a rap about busy bees? I think you do! Also, learn how to dance like a bee.
More Bees This internet contains the best photo of beekeepers en masse that you will ever see.
The Establishment The toppermost internet for Peter Cook fans, from the proper Peter Cook Appreciation Society. Now with Sven the fisherman audio!
Even More Bees! More proof that bees have adapted to the internets better than any other animal.
Crazy Jesus "When Charlie died in his sins, he stood before the Jesus he had laughed at." I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE HIGHLY ENOUGH.
Edible Frankingsteins The medieval culinary equivalent of Photoshop montage.
  There will be more internets for you to look at another day.

I don't like all this. I'd rather stick with that I know.

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