GSMD - Gorilla Salad Movie Database
The most total internet based movie database ever.

12 Monkeys

- When photographer Bruce Willis robs apes from the zoo to posefor an amusing poster based on The Last Supper, he never bargained that oneof them would actually be Jesus (Brad Pitt).

2001 - A Space Odyssey

- Alistair Cooke steals the secret plans for a German space precinct by dressing up as a series of old ladies.

A Beautiful Mind

- Tom Bosley folds a piece of paper in half more than nine times.

A Zed and Two Noughts

- Jim Davidson pokes fun at an aristocratic van driver.


- Bob Hoskins unleashes the power of his naked torso in a series ofstep-by-step instructional videos.

An Angel at My Table - Paul Hogan is a dead fighter pilot given a second chance at love

- and supper.

Annie Hall

- Woody Allen woos Buster Keaton by hanging from the face of Big Ben.

Apollo 13

- Tom Hanks has a 'problem' and is so embarrassed about it that he shuns humanity by living in space.


- John Goodman eats a big box of food.


- Jack Nicholson forgets the password to his bank account, and enlists a drunken Spanish monk to write an angry letter.

Behind The Green Door

- Shakin' Stevens bites off more than he can chew whenhe is lured into a sordid underworld by a talking piano.

Blade Runner

- When Harrison Ford builds a robot mermaid, he wasn't expecting his neighbour Rutger Hauer to fall in love with it!

Blind Date

- Bruce Willis startles the Vatican with a series of pornographic wigs.

Blue Velvet

- Dennis Hopper discovers a way to tie his shoelaces without bending over.

Bowling for Columbine

- Michael Moore badgers Charlton Heston about aslightly unfair time-share scam in this long-awaited Roger Cook biopic.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

- Audrey Hepburn and Kirk Douglas invent nudity in 18th century Las Vegas.

Brewster's Millions

- Richard Pryor swaps his family for a magic hat that swears at women.

Carry on at Your Convenience

- madcap tearjerker in which Sid Jamesdiscovers that all the human faeces in the world can't fill a broken heart.

Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers

- Sarah Lancashire sets up a bottlestall in an 18th century Cotswold quarry.


- Billy Connolly keeps mixing up the words \"funeral\" and \"petrol\" after being beaten up by Frank Warren's missus.


- Jodie Foster brews a cure for rape from old Rolling Stones.

Dance's With Wolves

- Documentary following Charles Dance's disappointing tenure as manager of a Midlands football team.

Day of the Jackal

- Edward Fox has to fight for his life when he meets himself walking out of an aeroplane toilet.


- a huge river goes up Ned Beatty to restore a little banjo'sfaith in harmony.

Delta Force V

- Chuck Norris cops a broadside of sophistry from CP Snow inan unpainted Monmouthshire public baths.

Desperately Seeking Susans - Rosanna Arquette and Madonna find that theyshare more than a first name when they find that they both need a newkidney

- but are they compatible in more ways than one? (They are.)

Dest Defense

- Dudley Moore hides from Eddie Murphy by becoming even more Welsh.

Die Hard With a Vengeance

- Bruce Willis steals the president's birthday.

Die Hard With a Vengeance, Too

- Patsy Kensit makes a list of men who only come up to her shoulders.

Educated Rita - Michael Caine and Julie Walters are rival hairdressers, until events force them to look at whose hair they are cutting more closely

- the prime minister's!

Edward Scissorhands

- When Winona Ryder builds a robot, she wasn't expecting Johnny Depp to cut her hair!

Escape From New York

- As a giant meteorite (Bruce Willis) hurtles toward the Eastern Seaboard, Woody Allen must decide whether he can bare to leave the city he loves.

Evil Dead II

- Geoff Capes runs amok in a Dutch baby milk factory.


- Madonna invents a slimming biscuit that can also sing. But when the firm friends' plane crashes in the Andes, will she eat it to surive ... or will it eat her?

Falling Down

- Michael Douglas goes into a spiral of untrammelled arousalafter his wife auctions his cobblers live on Donahue.

Field of Dreams

- Kevin Costner discredits the judges of a Mafia colouring-in competition.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

- Hugh Grant finds the ancient city of Dublin in a brochure of exotic eggs.


- Harrison Ford is literally tearing his hair out when his wife goesoff to France taking the only set of car keys with her.

Gangs of New York

- Ringmaster Abraham Lincoln's (Daniel Day-Lewis) circus propels him to national fame. Only when Leonardo DiCaprio's gay sailors switch sides can Abe defeat the British.

Ghostbusters II

- Doug E Fresh gets an electric shock from his new popcorn maker that enables him to see a map of the London Underground on the skins of unripe fruit.

Good Morning, Vietnam

- Robin Williams discovers a cure for sleepingsickness derived from spinach in this Tony Blackburn biopic.

Gosford Park

- Stephen Fry delights a children's hospital by turning his tax disc into a pirate galleon.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

- Tony Danza eats too much apricot and guava yoghurt and has to paint vertical stripes on his face to gain entry into Miss World.

Groundhog Day

- Bill Murray can't stop waking up! Luckily, Rick Moranis has a machine.

Half-Moon Street

- Sigourney Weaver beats the Russians into orbit on her bike.

Hannah and Her Sisters

- Michael Caine introduces a chimpanzees' tea party to the lawless wild west.


- Al Pacino runs a kitchen for unemployed crooks where he comes face to face with the nemesis ... of another man.

Jackie Brown

- Snoopy's sister comes to stay.


- David Bowie regrets his insistence on getting the most out ofhis travel card when he ends up stranded in Kent. And he ate his sandwiches hours ago!

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

- Christopher Lee builds abonfire out of kilts to lure pointy-eared women to their doom.

Marathon Man

- Dustin Hoffman refuses to abide by the dictates ofconfenctionery rebranding and angries up a legion of shopkeepers en route tohis charming fate.


- Elliot Gould learns to count with help from a flying baker.

Mean Streets

- Harvey Keitel burns down northern Cyprus in a vain search for the mother of his long lost children.


- Guy Pearce starts a golf club for unemployed mathematicians.

Mississippi Burning

- Gene Hackman shrinks a horse and tries to infiltrate the world of organized crime.

Mona Lisa

- Bob Hoskins flies a helicopter into a windmill after gorging himself on tainted pickled eggs.

Mona Lisa

- Plumber Bob Hoskins finds a valuable painting in a faultyboiler, but John Cleese wants to turn it into a chicken skeleton! Can thingsget any worse?

Monkey Stevens

- Self explanatory really. It's monkey shaky time. Possible proof that the Dinosaurs shouldn't have died.

Muriel's Wedding

- Mouche Phillips defiantly encases her pet cat in rollingtobacco as Hitler's brother invades Tasmania.

My Fair Lady

- Rex Harrison appalls Victorian society by beating up an old child he found in a disused greengrocers, not realising it can sing.

One Of Our Dinocologists Is Missing

- A miniaturised Peter Ustinov isrescued from the depths of a brachiaosaurus with the aid of some dentalfloss and Raquel Welch.


- Steve Martin just can't stop having babies! Luckily, RickMoranis has a machine.


- Jamie Lee Curtis is forced to change her favourite fruit after a mix-up in an enchanted desert.


- Tom Hanks rescues his AIDS-riddled brother from the middle of the Second World War.


- Rabbi Cat Steven's pie store and bakery agents supplies is down on its luck. Will Laura Dern's cheeky stripper woo back the locals of Harlem?

Picnic at Hanging Rock

- it's pork pies at dawn when a mischevious baker mansteals an entire school's recipe for Christian love.


- Jean-Claude Van Damme levels accusations of insider trading at the chairman of Cable and Wireless.


- Anthony Hopkins is repremanded for removing his shirt at a police picnic.

Pump Up The Volume

- Christian Slater escapes a monastery in a car to follow his dream of becoming a DJ, but can he renounce his vow of silence? CANNOT COPY

Raging Bull

- Joe Pesci replaces the Queen's children with tap-dancing Russian spies.

Raging Bulls - Robert De Niro beats his Spanish uncle in a dancing competition

- and faces the consequences...

Rain Man

- Dustin Hoffman is sick of wiping lick off his brother's (Tom Cruise) face (Tom Cruise) so they fly to Australia to buy a bib.

Return of the Jedi

- Carrie Fisher flies to Balmoral in a microlite todiscover if Grotbags is her mother.

Saving Private Ryan

- Tom Hanks is delighted to find the same dollar bill in his wallet he was given a week ago, but dies before he can let anyone know.


- Morgan Freeman must teach Brad Pitt maths to a satisfactory level, or he'll lose his job at the post office.

Shallow Grave

- Ewan McGregor is scared to go in the swimming pool, in case he dies. So how will he get the treasure out of the wave machine?


- Meryl Streep gets poorly after forgetting the Post Office Tower'sbirthday.

Singin' in the Rain

- Bruce Dern shoots himself in a garden centre staffed by giant midgets.

Sleepless In Seattle - Tom Hanks resorts to fatal methods to beat the insomnia that comes as a result of the pressure of being Kurt Cobain. Only mystic Whoopi Goldberg can help Meg Ryan (Courtney Love) talk to her newly dead husband

- through a computer.


- George Clooney solves the world's energy crisis by putting littlesticks on the bottom of Toblerones.

Spinal Tap

- Paul Simon exposes a white slave ring hidden in the sleevenotes of a Bentley Rhythm Ace LP.


- When Tom Hanks falls into the sea, he never expected to be rescued by Sean Connery in a submarine!

Star Wars

- James Bolam recalls his grim Newcastle childhood through the eyes of a talking lamprey.

Taxi Driver

- Cybil Shepherd has to be tough to survive in the harsh, masculine world of the New York cabbie. When she runs over struggling sculptor Robert De Niro, she must ask herself if she is too tough ... for love?


- Michael J Fox is distraught when his dinosaur novel is rejected by a publisher because of his wobbly handwriting. But who is laughing now when the dinosaurs come to life?

The Accused

- Jodie Foster is arrested for tilting a pinball machine. Her lawyer (Danny DeVito) must prove it was faulty, by going back in time.

The Adventures of a Window Cleaner

- Robin Asquith is an ordinary window cleaner, until he finds a magic chamois and rubs his way into another world.

The Elephant Man

- Michael Elphick begins to think he's bitten off more than he can chew when he agrees to transfer animals between zoos on his bike. But when scientist Jeff Goldblum invents a machine that could solve all his problems, how could anything possibly go wrong?

The Englishmen Who Went Up a Hill And Came Up a Mountain

- Hugh Grantjacknifes his Eddie Stobart container into a Ku Klux Klan pig roast on theA23.

The Godfather Part III

- Al Pacino rents office space in Euston stationgentlemen's toilets to smuggle counterfeit Cheesestrings to northernmostRugby.

The Great Escape

- Donald Pleasance refuses to pay for mint imperials on a cross-channel ferry.

The Great Muppet Caper

- Orson Welles discovers he can fly by exposing himself to the blind.

The Matrix

- Keanu Reeves edits an extremist newsletter calling for the death of the cockney race.

The Shawshank Redemption

- Tom Hanks takes to the streets in a tank to raise money for a children's allotment.

The Shining

- Bad-tempered Jack Nicholson runs a madcap hotel for ghosts, until his rudeness gets him into trouble.

The Square Peg

- Norman Wisdom batters his wife around the head for twohours with a bag of one hundred pennies, on which the head of King Georgeappears to be winking.

The Wicker Man

- Edward Woodward has a heart attack when his breakfast turns into little dancing monsters.

The Witches of Eastwick

- When Cher casts a spell on Jack Nicholson, she doesn't expect him to grow a fish's tail. Susan Sarandon doesn't mind.

The Woman in Red

- Gene Wilder is reincarnated as the emergency brake on a tram driven by Kelly Brook.

The X-Files

- When David Duchovny is stung by a bee, Gillian Anderson must decide whether to raise the money for the operation he needs, or whether to move back to England, leaving him to die. Only Patrick Stewart can make up her mind.

Thelma and Louise

- There's no turning back after Geena Davis and Susan sarandon run over Brad Pitt in their new car ... only Evil Knievel can get them to Mexico.


- Leonardo DiCaprio takes a sideways look at the meat industry.

Trading Place - Eddie Murphy sees something unexpected when he spies on Jamie Lee Curtis getting ready

- his own ghost!

Uncle Buck

- John Candy buys an Uncle for a dollar, but is sad when he cannot afford a matching Aunt.


- James Stewart wears a liquorice tie to a job interview.

Wall Street

- Charlie Sheen watches old videos of The Money Programme withhis trousers down.

War Games

- Matthew Broderick teaches a tin opener to play backgammon just in time for the battle of Culloden.

War Games

- When Matthew Broderick spills champagne on the Pentagon, he didn't expect Ally Sheedy to go all giant and smash up New York.

What Dreams May Come

- Robin Williams indulges a mouse.

When Harry Met Sally

- Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal relieve their fear of pipe tobacco by going on a caravanning holiday.


- Barbara Streisand goes mentl and stops being gentl when her son getsparentl over Fletch Lives (ex-rentl).

Young Einstein

- Craig MacLachan films a battleship falling down some stairswhile accidentally teaching Buddy Holly to moonwalk.