Bad bear! This Happened To Me! A terrifying true tale! Of terror!
Nervous Tick A funny.
Ha ha!
Daub! The Gorillery Your pictures on an internet.
The day my tractor turned into a field by Richard Clayderman..
I'm not Dave Green.
I am Dave Green.

I am Dave Green. 'Hi! I'm Dave Green.'

Reader's Hives Pun-based bee pornography.
Honey ... all for you!
Hello, Ham here! In the 1950s!

Diary of Ham - Space Chimpanzee 'More delays! What are these NASA fucknuckles playing at?'

Appeal for Adrian 'His parents love him very much indeed. They love him especially much because he is a very special child.'
Poor lad.
Praise be! What??? 'I really don't see what all the fuss is about.'
"My Kind of Day" with an Evil Ventriloquist's Dummy
Clack, clack.
Gorgeous. Vaughan Harper, Radio Barber 'This firebrand of a tondeuse will stand proud of your neck-top in most of our Western weathers, but when travelling abroad, oh, Jesus boy, you better be packing some resin!'

I Said 'Please!' A fun game for any situation. Including natural disasters!

I said 'please'!
Felt like guts

Come to the Portillo Zoo An encyclopeadia of curious mammals, with some entries for fish, birds and insects.

The Fashion Mice 'Hey, I'm George Mouse and I design human clothes for ASDA. That is my biggest claim to fame, even ASDA boss not know I is mice.'
Sexy, huh?  Should we really be looking at naked cows?
Mel C holds forth with recently topical chat. 'The only thing like that I can recall is when I had to stop going to one North London gym and start going to a different one because they played Billy Ocean's 'Carribean Queen' 24 hours a day. No offence, Billy!' Punk as fuck
I don't want to sound like a snob, but it takes a lot of time and energy to understand popular culture. FREE!! Charlotte Raven mask. Now you too can look like Charlotte Raven! Just follow the simple instructions and make your very own Charlotte Raven mask.


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