The Winkery

Yes, I'm winking. The eye under my patch is w-i-d-e open.

Hello! And welcome to The Winkery - the finest collection of winking photos on the Seven Seas! My name is Captain Nictus, and I like to sail the world in my good ship The Staring Pig, taking and collecting pictures of winks. Then I display them here in The Winkery for all to see.

I am also a pirate.

So - sit back, relax, pour yourself a shot of rum - and let the winking commence!

To make things a bit more fun, I've made up some little rhymes that are clues to the winkers in The Winkery. Read the clues, have a think, then when you are ready, click on the link! Don't worry if you get it wrong! So long as you try.
Clue One:

Here arse is in Brighton, but never New York

Her face is in papers, and stuffed full of pork

Her opinions are not where you think they are

And you were expecting this last line to scan, weren't you? Ahhhh!!!

Can you guess?

Clue Two:

This winker's the bard of comic books

On every finger there's a silver ring!

He reckons he's a sorceror:

Northampton's secret king!

Who the hell?

Clue Three:

Delicious and porcine

With chivalry and grace

A lush medieval delicacy

With a wink on his face!

Who, or what, could that be?

Clue Four:

Meek like a lamb, with delicate hands

This babe winks like mad through all Christian lands

He's kindly and patient, Forgiving and sweet

So take a look now while he sucks at the teat!  

I wonder who that could be?

Clue Five:

With a 'cock-a-doodle doo'!

It's your favourite brand!

Crowing his noise all over the land!

Breakfast for you and breakfast for me

But who is the winker that you will see?

Hmm... this wasn't my easiest wink... but who is it?

Clue Six:

Is he a man? Or is he robot?

Is he a genius? Or is he a clot?

Has he seen Tetsuo too many times?

Could he build a contraption to help me with rhymes?

Who could that be, then?

Clue Seven:

I'm smaller than Big Ben

But larger than a hen

I'm not your Uncle Len

Who am I?

No clues!

Clue Eight:

I'm winking in the sky

And in the window bright

So if you wink for Daddy

All will be alright.

A familiar face! But que..?

Perhaps you have a photo of someone winking? Maybe you'd like to share it with others, by having it on show in The Winkery? Then why don't you send it in, for God's sake? To do so, click here, but don't make the picture too big, or Gorilla Salad will be scuppered!

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