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'Good luck - my dears.' 'I say, what a wonderful butler! He's so violent!' 'Cabbages and kings, the TARDIS is on strings.' 'I'm more from what you'd call inner time.'


The fans say ...

The public say ...

The look

The companions

One for the dads

Hang on a minute, isn't that? ... 1/2

So we meet again, Doctor!

Up above the gods

Trial of a Time Lord

It's the end ...

TARDIS databank

Those spin-offs they could have made ... 1/2

'Ooooh, bums and tits and fannies!' 'Shhh! Tell everyone!'

THE FANS SAY ... The definitive Doctor, at least according to the thirty and forty-somethings who run Organised Fandom, i.e. quirky, charismatic, wide-eyed and bohemian, with a brooding, alien quality. Went a bit mental when he left, bought his own gravestone and then moved to France. Shame he doesn't do more conventions.

THE PUBLIC SAY ... The definitive Doctor, i.e. the last good one. The funny bloke with the teeth and Marc Bolan curls who wore a floppy hat, an unfeasibly long scarf and offered jelly babies to Daleks. A bit mental now, though. Didn't I see him on Have I Got News For You?