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'Time and tide melts the snowman' 'IF WE FIGHT LIKE ANIMALS, WE DIIIIIEEEEE LIKE ANIMALS!!' 'It'll overload' 'Timing malfunction!'


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THE COMPANIONS: Just the two. First of all, Sly inherited MELANIE BUSH from Colin Baker. But let's face it not only did the fans think she was rubbish, she wasn't even a favourite with the dads! A keep-fit fanatic who could scream in the key of the Doctor Who music, Mel was a "great little actress, and a great little person too". The other one then was ACE, a teenager whisked from the set of an unconvincing children's BBC comedy drama series and deposited via a strange time storm onto an intergalactic branch of Farm Foods. Heralded for her realistic use of slang terms such as "wicked", "scumbag" but never "cocksucker", the nearest Ace would ever get to proper swearing would be if the TARDIS somehow managed to land in Arscaig in the West Highlands or Tittleshall in Norfolk.