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'Time and tide melts the snowman' 'IF WE FIGHT LIKE ANIMALS, WE DIIIIIEEEEE LIKE ANIMALS!!' 'It'll overload' 'Timing malfunction!'


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UP ABOVE THE GODS: "We play the contest again - Time Lord". Nicholas Parsons charmingly dissed the entire Doctor Who canon by commenting that "of course the stories don't make any sense, but the fans make up the stories for themselves, that's the wonderful thing about Doctor Who. See? Why did my character stand up just then – it makes no sense". This is of course completely true of the Sylvester McCoy error – oops we mean era (see we said we would get that joke in) however the scene at the end of episode three of Curse of Fenric is good because a) It's Dinsdale Landen; and b) we love it when characters refer to the Doctor as "Time Lord".

'You see - it makes no sense!' 'We play the contest again - Time Lord'